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Our Philosophy

In order to demonstrate his affinity with his company and clients, the proprietor, Mr. Martin Prignitz – a qualified banker – has personal liability.

We regard proper business management and rapid reletting of vacant space together with ongoing maintenance as much a matter of course as regular visits to our properties and proactive contact with tenants and owners. The way we deal with clients and business partners on the buildings side shows that our experience, coupled with a high degree of commitment, reliability and reciprocity, is the key to success.

In this industry administrators still frequently regard themselves purely as owners’ trustees. We regard ourselves as service providers in two respects. Thus owners, whose wishes and requirements we handle with the greatest care and speed, and also tenants are our clients. In respect of the service purchased, i.e. the space they rent, we always endeavour to offer tenants the best service and a sound environment in accordance with their requirements. This includes prompt repair of any damage caused (insofar as this could not be identified beforehand and was not corrected by us), proactive communication and cooperation with tenants, in order to be fair to all those parties involved. For only satisfied tenants ensure the long-term success of any property investment.

We relieve owners of all the tasks relating to their property. To the extent that we are unable to perform these tasks ourselves, we call upon the services of experts, some of whom we have worked with for a long time, given the professional standard of their work and fair pricing.

Our long-term goal is to provide support services for a property from its development (planning, conception) throughout its lifetime until its demolition (to make way for a new building). During any period of long-term use, this includes support in respect of 

• increases in profitability
• maintenance of value
• redevelopment/refurbishment
• conversions
• change of use
• energy management
• use of new technologies.