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Our Range of Services

Letting Services

  • Rent collection, including monitoring of rent and other revenues
  • Utility and heating costs billing in accordance with statutory and tenancy agreement terms
  • Audit of current rent levels
  • Implementation of rent increases
  • Acceptance of property tax assessments and payment of property tax amounts
  • Letting of residential/commercial properties and parking spaces, if necessary involving an estate agent
  • Deposits/bank guarantees management and billing
  • Statements of withholding tax on interest income
  • Correspondence with tenants/legal representatives
  • Inspection of properties prior to tenants moving out
  • Acceptance of property upon tenant departure
  • Arrangement of heating meter readings upon change of tenants
  • Processing of cancellations and evictions
  • Actioning of repossession proceedings
  • Settlement of complaints and actioning of repairs


  • Deposits billing in accordance with tax regulations
  • Invoice checking, payment instructions
  • Establishment of personal rent accounts as verification of payment of individual statements of account
  • Booking of all incoming and outgoing payments, using a separately managed administration account (escrow account)
  • Direct debiting
  • Monitoring of incoming payments
  • Handling of loan servicing for the relevant residential/commercial properties plus correspondence with the appropriate lenders
  • Passing on of interest certificates to tenants
  • Full-year billing
  • Rent arrears billing plus preparation of action, including initiation of enforcement measures, if necessary
  • Production of trial balances and profit and loss statements for the tax advisor
  • Production of short- and medium-term finance and liquidity plans

Technical Buildings Management                          

  • Regular property inspections
  • Actioning of maintenance and overhaul work in the course of normal management up to an amount of EUR 5,000 (price enquiries, advice, contract award, invoice checking)
  • Processing of claims notifications in insurance cases, including actioning of damage repairs by craftsmen, settlement with insurers
  • Facility Manager Service


  • Compliance with the German VAT Act, the German Fiscal Code and the German Property Tax Act
  • Deadline monitoring (quotations, order execution, notifications of defects, guarantee claims)
  • Conclusion and monitoring of servicing and insurance contracts
  • Commissioning of/cooperation with experts and lawyers
  • Participation in court hearings, repossession proceedings etc.

Specific Functions

Participation in preservation of evidence procedures
Refurbishment activities, more major maintenance work

  • Medium-term action planning
  • Ascertainment of funding requirements
  • Procurement of funds
  • General advice
  • Price enquiries, tenders, solicitation of offers
  • Contract award, performance monitoring
  • Deadline planning and monitoring
  • Acceptance of work carried out
  • Invoice checking, cost management
  • Notification of defects identified

Property Acquisition

  • Selection of appropriate properties
  • Inspection of land registers
  • Yield computation
  • Liquidity computation
  • Calculation of funding requirements
  • Procurement of funds
  • Organisation of appointments with notaries etc.
  • Implementation of the entire project up to signature

Property Development – Alteration of Use

  • Production of requirements analyses
  • Preparation of design blueprints
  • Procurement of building and other permits
  • Yield computation
  • Liquidity computation
  • Calculation of funding requirements
  • General advice
  • Procurement of funds
  • Tenders, solicitation of offers
  • Contract award, performance monitoring
  • Deadline planning and monitoring